BP Slammed for Safety Failings in North Sea, Months Before Deepwater Horizon Explosion


Photo credit: US Coast Guard

Could we see deja vu all over again? This little bit of news emerged yesterday, though it was received with very little fanfare (could be that the ever-vigilant media is turning it's focus away from the BP narrative, now that the most dramatic stuff is over? Nah ...) -- that just months before the explosion in the Gulf, BP was cited for failing to complete safety training and emergency exercises for its oil rigs in the North Sea. This couldn't mean BP isn't ready for an accident in those waters, either, could it? But of course it does! Fox Business reports that the UK government has reprimanded the oil giant for its potentially dangerous failures (Why am I citing Fox News, you ask? Well, my favorite commenter recently criticized me for only citing "George Soros front groups" and DNC press releases. So despite the fact that I regularly draw from the Reuters, the AP, the NYTimes, the right-leaning Politico, and, yes, some progressive blogs -- and have never once quoted a DNC press release -- I decided to diversify!). Anyhow, here's Fox:

UK safety regulators criticisedBP [sic] Plc's safety training procedures in the North Sea just monthsbefore [sic] a blown-out BP well in the Gulf of Mexico causedAmerica's [sic] worst ever oil spill.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change, the UKgovernment [sic] body monitoring compliance with companies' approvedemergency [sic] plans, also cited BP for failing to adequately conductoil [sic] spill exercises.

Is it just me, or does Fox need to hire a copywriter? Anyhow, that's not all. Along with failing to comply with safety procedures and failing to conduct spill response drills, it turns out that BP had fostered a nasty habit of skirting permit procedures and requirements. Here's Fox again (bear with me:)
The UK's Health and Safety Executive (HSE) said in a letterto [sic] BP that there was "evidence of a culture among yourcontractors [sic], Seawell (up to senior levels of management), ofworking [sic] outside of procedures, permit or permit conditions".

The publication of the criticism comes as BP's outgoingchief [sic] executive, Tony Hayward, prepares to appear before a UKparliamentary [sic] committee later on Wednesday to discuss North Seasafety [sic].

So it looks like the culture of recklessness wasn't constrained to its American operations -- good ol' BP is consistently negligent. As for Fox News, until it at least gets its typesetting under control, I think I'll be sticking to the majors.

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