BP Should Be Barred From Government Contracts for At Least 5 Years: Public Citizen

bp gulf gulf oil spill photo explosion

The suspension from recent auctions of offshore oil drilling rights in the Gulf of Mexico meted out upon BP by the US government is not nearly long enough, Public Citizen has said.

The advocacy group urges the US to bar BP for "at least the entirety of its five-year probation period, because it has a proven track record of irresponsibility and dishonesty."

In a letter to EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, Public Citizen writes:

Taxpayers place our trust in government officials to ensure that our money is entrusted to contractors that will abide by the highest standards. It is clear that, as a repeat criminal felon, BP no longer can be trusts to effectively serve as a contractor or as a federal leaseholder. It promises to do better going forward are not a sufficient basis for finding that it is a responsible entity. After all BP has done, only a demonstrated record of responsible conduct over a period of years can satisfy that threshold.

Last year, BP received $1.47 billion in federal contracts; this year so far it has won $1.1 billion.

Public Citizen has started a petition to demand BP's suspension from Federal contracts, as well.

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