BP Goes For Extra Hurricane Point: 22 Mile Long Plume Moving Toward Alabama

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British Petroleum has created a 22 mile long undersea oil plume, measured as "dispersed" beneath the ocean's surface, stretching from the wellhead, toward Mobile Alabama. Via the Chron: "The thick plume was detected just beneath the surface down to about 3,300 feet (1,000 meters), and is more than 6 miles (9.6 kilometers) wide, said David Hollander, associate professor of chemical oceanography at the school."

We now face the prospect of a tropical storm that could blow the undersea oil plume into every marsh and onto every beach and up every drainage canal over a multi-state area. That could force Bobby Jindahl into a pro-Big Gomment stance...and who knows what other horrors?BP will be held accountable, I would hope, for encouraging a more Socialististic form of US government. (joking ok?)

A hurricane would significantly muddy the liability determinations, however. Per an AP report via Yahoo:

Although some oil could be pushed inland by a storm as it makes landfall, it could be difficult to determine whether it leaked from flooded cars or factories, Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Craig Fugate said.

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