BP CEO's Infuriating Congressional Testimony in 4 Minutes (Video)


Photo via the NY Daily News

Yesterday, BP CEO Tony Hayward headed to Congress to answer questions about BP's role in the Gulf oil spill. At least, that was ostensibly the reason he appeared before Congress -- after the hearings were over, it seemed clear that Hayward was hellbent on actually answering as few questions as possible, as this exasperating video, which condenses the essence of the CEO's testimony into 4 minutes, shows. Watch:

Of course, this video clip alone proves nothing of Hayward's obliviousness and refusal to cooperate -- anyone can stitch together a video that makes someone look like an idiot at a Congressional hearing. But, as one who suffered through watching the bulk of the hearing yesterday -- hours, mind you -- I can tell you that it is indeed an uncannily accurate representation of Hayward's behavior.

Now, much of this is done for show, to give camera time to politicians to display their righteous rage at an obvious target -- but it was also an opportunity for BP to clear the air about some of the more controversial elements of the catastrophe. Hayward, of course, only muddled things further, by refusing to answer any and all questions relating to the safety procedures followed at the well, his company's response plan, whether any shortcuts were taken during drilling, or whether he felt there to be any misconduct by BP at all.

He also refused to answer questions about any technical aspects of the well -- and how much time and money were saved by refusing certain safety components -- despite the fact that his technical adviser was right there. Rep. Henry Waxman at one point made his outrage clear, telling Hayward that they had sent him the questions they planned to ask in advance.

And still, Hayward couldn't answer.

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