BP CEO's Idiotic Remarks Receive Video Tribute


Photo via Reuters UK

The ongoing crisis in the Gulf has only been made worse by the fact that BP's CEO Tony Hayward has been spewing tone-deaf gaffes about as fast as the Deepwater Horizon site has spewed oil. His latest, declaring that he'd "like his life back" was evidently too much for his handlers, and he was subsequently reeled in from public view. Now, taking advantage of this momentary pause in Tony Hayword gaffe-dom, the NRDC compiled his most egregious quotes and made this video:

Even though the man evidently still has some fans -- 1/5 of all Americans still view BP favorably, and a few took issue with me calling him an a-hole last week -- it's hard to argue he lacks for sensitivity. On just about every front. Again, he's not a monster. His comments aren't malicious or reflective of some evil agenda. They're just stupid. And misguided.

These do reveal that Hayward has failed to grasp the scope of the disaster his company has created, that he's out of touch with the devastation that BP has wrought, and that the man probably needs to take public communications 101. And yes, they confirm my judgment, I think: What do you call someone who callously says injurious things, has an inability to empathize with people, and who's narcissistic? Usually, you call him an asshole.

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