BP CEO Tony Hayward Removed from Gulf Operations


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It looks like the bumbling, uncooperative congressional testimony was the last straw -- BP CEO Tony Hayward has just been sacked from the cleanup operations in the Gulf. After countless gaffes and insensitive comments, many commenters wondered how long Hayward would continue to be the public face of the beleaguered oil giant. Now, BP chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg has announced that Hayward has been removed. In other words, he finally "gets his life back."That's the Huffington Post's mocking top headline, referencing Hayward's clumsy complaint that the spill was stressing him out, and it's well deserved. Hayward has been a public relations nightmare for the company, which has lost over half its market share in stock value since the spill began. The Post reports:

BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg has unceremoniously announced that CEO Tony Hayward will no longer be managing the day-to-day operations of the Gulf cleanup effort.

During an interview with Britain's Sky News, Svanberg said responsibility will be handed over to Bob Dudley, managing director of the company. It's a dramatic change of strategy for the oil giant, which has allowed its chief executive to be the public face of the company in interviews, apology ads and press conferences.

Indeed. Of course, Hayward's dismissal from US public operations, means little to the elements of the spill that truly matter -- like stopping it, for starters. Whether or not Hayward is around to make an ass of himself and his company probably has little bearing on how the cleanup effort is orchestrated (though if his public remarks have been any indicator, his common sense may be, well, lacking ...).

Regardless, the well keeps on gushing oil, crude continues to make landfall, and life around the Gulf continues to be threatened. So let's all bid our pal Tony adieu -- I mean, the poor guy is finally getting his life back.

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