BP CEO Tony Hayward: "I'd Like My Life Back" (Video)


BP CEO Tony Hayward has been working really, really hard lately. And he's tired of it. He wants his life back. He said so in an interview with Fox News, definitively explaining once and for all why everyone should trust BP to clean up the oil spill as best they can. Which is why fishermen and charter boat captains who've lost their livelihoods, volunteer cleanup workers from around the Gulf who are sick at the thought of their beaches getting coated with oil, and environmental groups of every stripe working to protect gravely threatened ecosystems should come together to stop the spill: Let's do it for the tired, beleaguered Tony. Video after the jump.

That's probably how Tony made it to the top -- his amazing ability to empathize with the common man. Can't all those Gulf Coast residents see that he's just like them? Except that he will get his life back after he flies out of the Gulf in a couple months, and tens of thousands of people may not. And that he's not the one who has to go out on the oil-coated water and risk his health to clean up the mess he made? And that he's actually repeatedly made comments reflecting his lack of concern for the environmental and human impacts his company's spill has caused?

Okay, so he's nothing like them. He's just an asshole.

Via Enviroknow
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