Boy Scouts Turning Racks Into Riches


When it comes to recycling; leave it to the Boy Scouts to come up with one of the most unique and resourceful programs around.

It turns out for decades they’ve been turning antlers into cash after collecting, sorting, and bundling them for their annual auction. With over 200 scouts and troop leaders spending a total of close to 2,000 hours of labor to put together an event that draws international buyers to Wyoming each spring to bid on antlers in bulk.
Which works because the antlers eventually find themselves as part of everything from furniture and wall decorations to jewelry and food products. And with such demand for the product, last years event saw 5,379 pounds of them sold for a total of $59,748; with 80% of the proceeds benefiting the National Elk Refuge and the balance going to benefit the Boy Scouts who put it all together.

This year’s ElkFest is scheduled for May17-19, and there's a whole weekend of festivities planned.

Who knew you could turn antlers into such a worthwhile endeavor?


For more info: Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

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