Boulder County Man Killed While Cleaning up Highway becomes Legendary

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Every now and then it is nice to step back and offer spotlight where it is truly deserved. The story of John Breaux is becoming legendary in Colorado and for good reason. This past January, Breaux was making his usual clean up rounds on his bicycle along highway 287, near South Boulder, when a driver veered off the road, hitting him. A rather tragic ending to a very kind soul, but Boulder Country, Colorado is determine not to allow this Good Samaritan's legacy to be forgotten...John Breaux, 57, was a rather selfless soul. He was most known by the local community for pulling out his bicycle on a warm afternoon, strapping two trash bags around the handlebars, and heading out around eastern Boulder County to clean up trash along the side of the road.

The locals would wave at John as they drove by, but ever since January 30, 2009, the roads just don't feel the same. There is without a doubt more trash along the roads these days, but even more so, there is less cheerful inspiration to those expecting to see good old John and his trusty bike out making the rounds.

A Tribute to John Breaux
This week it was announced that a park in Layfayette, Colorado would be renamed in honor of John Breaux's dedication to the environment. In addition, a local fund raising effort has managed to raise $35,000 in John's name. The proceeds will be used towards environmental programs Breaux would be most proud to support.

This coming May, the Lafayette Annual Yard Waste Spring Clean-up has also been renamed the John Breaux Spring Clean-up in his honor. There is also talk of a locally produced film/documentary soon to be in development. The project will focus on the inspirational nature of Breaux's life story.

This should be a reminder to us all that no matter how small a contribution to the world we may think we are making, it may actually be thought of as much larger to those around us. While success has been measured by the amount in your bank at the end of your days, in truth, it is the number of hearts you have touched.

You'll be missed John!

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