Naked Value. 6 Things Every Business Leader Needs to Know About Resources, Innovation & Competition (Book Review)

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This is a book everyone in the business with stuff (I guess that is pretty much everyone) should read. It will take you only a few hours, and if you are already actively working towards making your company more responsible, you might know what this is about. Nevertheless, this book is very useful in order to focus on how to do 'better with less', and inspires to take action. Cool title but is this book going to deliver? I thought at first. Upon finishing, I had scribbled down a whole lot of ideas, scary new thoughts and fresh directions I want to implement in my own work. So take a few hours, and read Naked Value by dMASS!

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The authors predicts that “the way business leaders think about value and costs is about to change dramatically”, due to our resource-constrained world and the growing population rate. The trick is therefore to deliver 'better with less'. To shift from selling products to selling value; naked value.

Naked Value is the essence that remains in a product or service after stripping away all unneeded resources. It's the pure benefit customers seek, without waste and without material resources that don't contribute to wealth or well-being. It reflects the highest level of resource performance for a product.”

As often discussed in Product Service Systems (PSS), customers don't want products; they want the benefits of them. dMASS, the authors of Naked Value, therefore urge us to make products weightless. In order to do so, we need to define the pure benefits of a product first. Examples mentioned in the book are things like light without light bulbs, portable power without batteries or clean clothes without detergent... just imagine the possibilities!

Here are the 6 principles that can form the basis for your dMASS business strategy:

1. Every business strategy is about resources
2. Waste isn't the problem
3. No one wants your products
4. Innovation has directions
5. You don't know your competition
6. Your products are mostly waste

Some examples that illustrate the concept of Naked Value in the book are InterfaceFLOR, OLEDs, Toyota and Suzanne Lee's microbial-cellulose fiber grown from bacteria. DMASS shares a step-by-step method to uncover your product's naked value. This really pushes you to do out of the box thinking and can be a bit scary at first... because what if the new ideas change your business completely? Nevertheless, your customers will appreciate you not selling them products anymore, but benefits instead.

Naked Value is available on Amazon in paperback, although not yet as a weightless e-book version.

Naked Value. 6 Things Every Business Leader Needs to Know About Resources, Innovation & Competition (Book Review)
A must-read book for business leaders. Naked value is the ultimate value a product delivers to customers, or the benefits that remain when a product is stripped of most of the energy and material resources required to manufacture and deliver it.

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