Bono Edits Today's Newspaper


Today Bono is the guest Editor of the Independent newspaper. The edition is a magnificent effort to cover all the issues relating to AIDS in Africa and his creation Project RED in a way that is accessible, interesting and broadly based. It starts with an article about a lost generation of children whose parents have died of AIDS and are raising their brothers and sisters alone. It ends with Condoleezza Rice's 10 favourite musical works ("Respect" by Aretha Franklin is her number 3). In between there are serious pieces about EU subsidy policies and food dumping in Africa, interviews with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (not very satisfying) and Bob Geldorf on increasing trade with Africa. The big question: Can rock stars change the world—the response from Bono: "Celebrity is ridiculous, but it is currency and I want to spend mine wisely. Who changes the world? The answer is all of us. For we each, in our very different ways, have our own currency to spend. And we must spend it wisely."
An article on health describes the heartrending work of Dr. Paul Farmer and his charity Partners in Health, which builds hospitals in Africa. The Stella McCartney article with Armani about the importance of Project RED is well-meaning but bland (they should both stick to their day jobs) but Bono's conversation with Eddie Izzard is lively and full of fun. They discuss the psychology of performing, which is fascinating (the audience as substitute father figure). The Independent only has a circulation of 260,000 and half of all the revenues from today's paper go to fight AIDS in Africa. The paper deserves a lot of credit for its support of Project RED and for putting its money where its mouth is. :: Independent