Bolivia's President: "Capitalism Dies, or Earth Dies"

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Climate Change Conference Kicks Off in Bolivia
For anyone who thought the proceedings of COP-15 last December were a bit sleepy, the World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of the Mother Earth may be better suited to your tastes. The meeting, being held in Bolivia, was kicked-off yesterday with a rousing speech from the nation's president, Evo Morales, who made it quite clear what he thinks is to blame for climate change: Capitalism. Other targets of his criticism included genetically modified food, factory chickens, and Coca-Cola--which he said can be used to unclog toilets.20 Thousand Attend the Conference's Opening
According to Ambiente Brasil, the opening-day of the conference was attended by a crowd of 20 thousand, filling the football stadium where the event took place. In attendance at the event were representatives of indigenous peoples, and social movements from 129 countries.

Morales, Bolivia's first president of indigenous heritage, opened the conference with a speech highly critical of the capitalist system--which he believes is incompatible with a sustainable world order.

Capitalism is synonymous with starvation, capitalism is synonymous with inequality, it is synonymous with destruction of mother earth. Capitalism dies, or the Earth dies.

The crowd echoed Morales' sentiments with a slogan of their own: "Change the model, not the climate!" Clearly frustrated with the disappointing outcome of COP-15 last December, those present would later boo a representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations prior to delivering a speech following the Bolivian leader.

"GM Food Will Make You Bald"
After his criticism of capitalism, Morales berated the growing practice of genetically modifying food--offering an odd prediction for those who happen to ingest such things. "In 50 years from now everyone will be bald," Morales said. "We'll have a society of bald, so there will be no hairdressers; they'll be unemployed." He later added that most Europeans are bald because of the things they eat.

Morales also warned against eating chickens treated with hormones, suggesting that doing so may cause men to become homosexual.

The chicken we eat is full of female hormones. And so when men eat those chickens, they have deviations in their being like men.

Coca-Cola Makes Morales Sick
Also a target of Morales' berating was Coca-Cola. According to the BBC Mundo, he recounted an occasion in which he fell ill after drinking the popular soft drink, only to be cured by a Bolivian produced type of corn liquor. Such is the national opinion of Coca-Cola, seen by some as representative of a damaging capitalist system, that the government has begun producing an alternative, organic beverage for its people, called Coca-Colla.

The conference is set to last three days and will be attended by the leaders of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Paraguay. At the conclusion of the event, organizers hope to draft an alternative proposal to combating global warming to be submitted at the climate change conference in Mexico slated for later this year.

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