Boing! Fleas Yield Biomimicry Secret

Resilin is the elastic compound that fleas have lurking in their knees. It allows them to jump so stupendously high and far. Now scientists at Australia's peak research organisation, CSIRO, have been able to reproduce the substance inside the lab. It has taken them a full 3 years, yet they are still pretty chuffed, because they figure Mother Nature was on the job for millions of years before she got it right. But don't expect to find the stuff replacing the 'Air' in Mr Jordan's shoes just yet. It could be a decade before they have a commercialised version ready. And then, because it offers 100 million cycles (give or take one or two) of compression and relaxation, it will probably be used for "spinal disc prostheses or replacements for damaged spinal discs" as these have high "fatigue lifetimes". What's Biomimicry? Read all about it. ::Via ABC Online