BMW X6 Hybrid SUV Caught on Spy Camera

BMW introduced the X6 Hybrid SUV concept at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. Now Edmunds has broadcast exclusive spy video and photos of the 2010 BMW X6 Hybrid on You Tube. The hump under the hood is reminiscent of drag racing power, but actually hides a spaghetti of electronics necessary for the two-mode hybrid system which combines electric motors with an advanced automatic transmission and a traditional gasoline engine.

Of course, even hybrid SUV's cannot be called eco-friendly. Experts are predicting that with extra battery weight, the hybrid conserves only 10 to 15 percent of fuel consumed compared with the standard SUV. Leaving the question open: is a hybrid SUV a wonderful compromise step for people who need an SUV until better options come to market? Or are "green SUVs" pure greenwashing?Sales of Hybrid SUVs, such as the "Green Car of the Year" Chevy Tahoe, are down, indicating the public is not being fooled. After all, 15% improvement over 12.5 L/100 km (19.6 mpg) is still 10.6 L/100 km (23.5 mpg). Not as good as the average British car by a long shot, but better than the average american vehicle fuel consumption. Any money saved on gas will be eaten up by the price tag on this complicated piece of equipment, expected to make your wallet about $70,000 lighter.

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