Blue Planet Summit Focuses on Renewables in Hawaii


Noting Hawaii’s vulnerability to interruptions in their supply chain as the world’s most remote island chain, the first annual Blue Planet Summit took place last weekend in an effort to focus the energy of Hawaii, both natural and social, on the urgency of ending our dependence on oil and a push towards clean renewable energy.

Of course, what some may view as vulnerability may actually turn out to be its greatest strength. With the very isolation of the Hawaiian Islands making them an ideal laboratory for developing and evaluating the success of various renewable energy technologies like wave, wind, solar and geothermal power.
Let’s face it; with tourism accounting for the lions’ share of their economy, the truth is that they simply can’t afford not to try everything imaginable to cut energy costs in the face of increasing fuel prices. For while Hawaii is among the most beautiful places on Earth, the truth is that rising energy prices could well mean that most vital of Hawaiian industries goes the way of the ground-nesting bird.

via:: Blue Planet Foundation

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