Bloomberg Talks Sustainability

Every Sunday, New York City's Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, takes to the airwaves to discuss current policy issues ranging from poverty to education. Last week, he dedicated his weekly radio address to the issue of sustainability. The first portion of the broadcast was dedicated to praising New York for being one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally conscious cities, and to defining sustainability ("recognizing that our economic growth and development today also has to allow our children and grandchildren to meet their needs in the future"). After this brief preamble, Bloomberg suggested that with a potential future population of nine million, the City has a lot more to accomplish before it can truly be considered sustainable. He subsequently dedicated the remainder of his address to outlining relevant policies that his administration has undertaken.In an effort to achieve sustainability, Bloomberg's newly created Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability will complete a greenhouse gas inventory of more than 50 City agencies. This will subsequently allow for the greening of the City government itself. Within six months, the 'Office' will also complete a greenhouse gas inventory for the entire five boroughs, which will indicate the emissions created by everyone, who lives in, works in, or visits New York City. The Mayor suggested that this inventory would be the largest study of its kind undertaken by an American state or city. Although Bloomberg is working to make New York City a national leader in the effort to achieve sustainability, he concluded his address with the following statement: "no one state or city — not even New York — can become fully sustainable by acting alone there's simply no substitute for national leadership in working toward energy conservation and energy independence". See also ::Bloomberg To Create NYC 'Office of Sustainability' and ::NYC to Increase Recycling