Bloomberg News Launches Sustainability Section

Bloomberg sustainability section photoBloomberg Sustainability/Screen capture

Bloomberg News has a new section dedicated completely to "all things sustainability." And it's already breaking news, as Sami made clear this morning in his post on renewable energy investments trumping fossil fuels for the first time.

The Bloomberg Blog explains more about the site:

The goal is to uncover what businesses are doing, or what they need to be doing, to thrive as global competition intensifies for strategic resources. We feel this is a unique yet critical way to report on sustainability issues - from inside the companies who are defining it.

Looks like the company is starting to understand and officially recognize something most TreeHugger readers likely already know:

If executives don't commit to making sustainability a vital part of their company, more than just their businesses will suffer. The communities they operate in, customers, and other non-financial players are also impacted by business decisions...

We can't stress enough the importance of our expansion into this space. When speaking to senior executives, many have said that if you don't have a sustainability plan, you don't have a business plan.

Click through to the blog post for an interview with Bloomberg Sustainability editor Eric Roston.

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