Bloomberg Congestion Fee a No-Go


Looks like New York City will be jam-packed with cars and toxic traffic fumes indefinitely. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to nail motorists entering Lower Manhattan with an $8 fee will probably not even make it to a vote. After a week of debate, the bill failed to receive enough support from the Democratic party -- less than 25 Democratic members are estimated to have backed the proposal. Critics say the plan would only allow the rich to travel into the city. But nobody denies congestion and pollution is a problem in big cities, what's the best solution? We think funds should be channeled into public transportation and improving bike lanes, and some rules should be adapted from Europe, where traffic fees take into account emission standards.

Milan joined front-runners London, Stockholm, and Singapore in January -- the city now charges motorists a whopping $14 a day, depending on the amount of pollution generated by their car.

In Berlin, thanks to a color-based sticker system, high pollution cars aren't allowed in the city center at all. via :: The Los Angeles Times and ::The New York Times also see ::Berlin's traffic plan (pdf) ::Bloomberg Proposes Congestion Charge for Manhattan ::Bloomberg’s Traffic Plan Gets State and Federal Support ::Survey: "Freedom of Mobility" or Public Transit?
Photo courtesy of the New York Times.

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