Bloomberg Becomes First News Organization to Get WindMade Certification

An interesting first: Bloomberg US has become the first news outlet anywhere in the world to become WindMade certified—that is, getting at least 25% of its electricity from wind power.

In fact, Bloomberg has gone well beyond the minimum requirement of the certification scheme, promoted by wind turbine maker Vestas and backed by the UN Global Compact and WWF. Bloomberg US now gets 58% of its electricity from wind power, with a further 25% coming from biomass.

Curtis Ravenel, Bloomberg's global head of sustainability, says of the certification scheme:

Not only does the label demonstrate our commitment to renewable energy, it provides consumers with the choice to favor companies and products using wind power. As both a founding partner and the official data provider for WindMade, receiving the WindMade certification for our operations was the logical next step for us to show our commitment to this very important standard.

According to the EPA's list of top 50 green power purchasers in the United States, Bloomberg comes in ranked 22nd in the nation in terms of overall power purchased, with over 208 million kWh last year.

Bloomberg is the only media outlet in the country to make the top 50 list by volume purchased. Several smaller media outlets on the EPA's list of top 100% green power purchasers, however, though all consume far smaller amounts of power than Bloomberg.

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