Blog Trades Carbon Offsets for Links

Nearly every post we publish about carbon offsetting services generates healthy discussion on the merits and disadvantages of buying offsets to neutralize the carbon emissions of a range of activities. While we don't know if this story will produce similar discussion, it's certainly one of the most unique promotional efforts we've seen involving offsets:, "a blog that researches new techniques for stock market analysis," is teaming up with to offset 1 ton of carbon emissions for every blog that links to it.
"In working with, I hope to encourage bloggers to go beyond the debate about climate change," said Eric Cahoon, who writes the blog. "This challenge to bloggers is to help create awareness of actions they can take now — such as taking advantage of energy efficient appliances and reducing the energy they use. In working with, they can have further impact by reducing carbon emissions, supporting renewable energy and reforestation projects."

"Solving the problem of global warming and our addiction to oil and fossil fuels will take innovative ideas and creative thinking," said President Eric Carlson. " is showing that good business can go hand in hand with a better environment. We applaud for this creative, unique and effective way to educate millions of people about global warming while also supporting the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions."

According to the program,, which is already a supporter of and has offset its carbon footprint, will offset one ton of carbon dioxide emissions with for every blog that links to The program costs fellow bloggers nothing to participate.

If anything, this is certainly a clever way to build inroads into the Green Blogosphere -- clearly, it's already working. It will be interesting to see how many bloggers take DeepMarket up on this offer, especially bloggers that don't focus on environmental issues. We'll also be watching to see how well this effort creates not only awareness, but also discussion about climate change within the blogosphere at large. :: and via Hugg