Bleed Blue, Live Green - The Video

When we reported on Duke fans bleeding blue, but living green, the post kicked up quite a frenzy among people wanting one of the t-shirts. We’ve contacted Duke but have yet to find out where folks can get hold of these sought after garments. However, we have found confirmation in the form of this video of what Jay, one of our commenters, told us - namely that fans abandoned their green attire at half-time due to their team being 9 down, before coming back to win by 20. No matter – it looks like the rest of the Focus the Nation day went without a hitch, and the climate will be grateful for the renewable energy credits purchased, whether or not the ‘Cameron Crazies’ were able to abandon their trademark blue or not. And if anyone can tell us what the heck the team mascot is doing surfing over a sea of green bodies, we’d love to know…

Maybe the corporate execs attending the Superbowl could do with some carbon coaching from these sports fans. ::Duke University::via site visit::

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