Bleed Blue, Live Green: Duke vs. Climate Change


Anyone who knows anything about fans of Duke University's basketball team knows that they don't give up their blue shirts easily. It is a measure of how seriously people are taking climate change then, that Thursday night's game against NC State will see fans, and even the team mascot, wearing green t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan "Bleed Blue. Live Green." in an effort to raise awareness around sustainability. The initiative is part of Duke University's participation in Focus the Nation, a national teach in on global warming solutions. It's not just the costumes that will be changing:

Duke will purchase carbon offsets equivalent to the electricity, steam and transportation consumed by the game, working in partnership with the renewable-energy company NativeEnergy Game patrons will be encouraged to participate in Cameron's newly expanded recycling efforts, and to consider sharing rides and saving fuel the next time they come to a game.

Maybe fellow basketballer Shaquille O'Neal should take note of what is going on down in North Carolina, and in sports in general. ::Duke University::via site visit::

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