Black Friday Starts At Midnight This Year; It's Time For A Buy Nothing Night

Back in the day, people lined up in the morning for Black Friday, purportedly the biggest shopping day of the year. Not any more; this awful invention has now crept ever earlier so that in many chains, it starts at midnight.

Marc Gunther calls it an " an arms race, of sorts, and the losers are the thousands of workers who have to cut their holiday short." No having any wine or beer with your dinner if you have to race out to get to work. No spending time with your family and enjoying dinner. As one mom said in the San Francisco Chronicle,

“How do you relax when you know you’re heading out the door at 10 p.m. or so to go to work, and work all night long?”

A former Target employee, Anthony Hardwick, has started a petition to get Target to change its mind about opening at midnight. He says:

Even though it’s a desperate time doesn’t mean that we should trade all the ground that our fathers and our grandfathers, everyone that came before us, fought really hard for.

He as a point, this is why we used to have unions, to fight for the rights of workers to get a bit of time off with their families. We used to have Sunday closings, so that everyone had a common day of rest. We let those all go so that everyone could shop until they drop, 24/7. Sign the petition at and this year, make it a Buy Nothing Night.

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Black Friday Starts At Midnight This Year; It's Time For A Buy Nothing Night
Families should be able to have Thanksgiving Dinner instead of having to go to work. This stinks.

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