Black Bear, Bummed Out By Climate Change, Falls Asleep In Backyard - In February.

Sleepy Bear Surprises Wisc. Family

We've all read about polar bears forced by fast-melting arctic sea ice to swim for their lives. That's a far away dream for most. A black bear sleeping in a Wisconsin back yard, in the middle of February, however, is an indicator of oncoming change. Nature is different than before.

Fooled by a 2-day mid-winter warm spell, a lower-48 blackie might roust itself, but then return to the den, awaiting the real warmth of late March or April. Not, however, in the middle of February!

Either this poor bear was chased out of it's den by dogs or kids or a bulldozer, or climate change has penetrated the American dream. Goldilocks hide your porridge.For you deniers out there...from the liberal website wildlife

  • Bears leave their dens when the ambient temperature is above 10 °C and snow is melting rapidly.

  • Black bears in much of North America emerge from the den in late March or April.

  • In northeastern Minnesota, black bears hibernate for 5 - 7 months; food is basically not available in this area from October to April. Adult males emerged earliest in spring, then females and subadult males.


Image credit: WI DNR
Update: here you can access the climate report for nearby Wausau WI. As recorded for Monday Feb 14th. It hit 50F in central WI that morning. Fifty in February.

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