Bishop Takes Climate Principles To The Doors of Wittenberg


Via Ecumenical News International:- Anglican Bishop Richard Chartres of the London Conference of European Churches "has pledged to refrain from air travel for a year, as a sign of his commitment to the environment." Hence his recent journey to Wittenburg for a conference of Bishops, "meant a 1000 kilometre train voyage with changes in Brussels and Berlin"..."Travel takes rather longer," Chartres told Ecumenical News International in Wittenberg, the town where Martin Luther instituted the Reformation...His vision is that "every single church in some way or other … is going to be a place where energy is captured from God, the sun, the wind and transformed into energy for the common good." Image credit: Conference of Churchs

OK. We admit to a bit of hyperbole in the headline. In 1517, Martin Luther pinned 95 propositions on the doors of Wittenburg Cathedral (pictured), whereas our contemporary Bishop Chartres has exressed a vision and is fulfilling only a one-year pledge. Yet, there is something righteous sounding about the comparison, given Luther's disdain for buying indulgences [carbon credits] and the modern Bishop's propensity for personal action.

The portait of Bishop Chartres, we must say, is stunning.

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