Bishop Refuses To Bless New Incinerator In Naples Italy


Via Carbonara, Naples. Image credit:Now Public,Flickr, redmiotens

According the report published in TerraDaily,it is traditional in Italy for a Bishop to bless a new building as part of the commissioning ceremony. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had recently opened a waste incinerator near the southern city of Naples, without the Bishop's blessing.

It is the first in the region and will burn 600,000 tonnes of waste a year, generating enough energy to power 200,000 households.

Four other incinerators will also enter service in a region that for 15 years has been deemed to be experiencing a "waste state of emergency."

Mob penetration of the Naples-area waste hauling and disposal businesses are cited as the main reason for trash piling up on the streets. Do they have recycling? What about composting?

Four new incinerators will consume a great deal of natural gas, and will increase the carbon footprint of Naples. No wonder the Bishop was uncomfortable offering a blessing.

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