Birth Dearths and Organic Wine: E Magazine's November-December Issue


E/The Environmental Magazine's latest issue is out, and the pairing of the two feature stories -- one on claims of a global "birth dearth," the other on issues surrounding certification of organic wines -- is not meant to imply that the latter helps with the former. E's editor Jim Montavalli analyzes recent arguments claiming we're on the cusp of a global population decline, and considers them in the context of high birth rates in developing countries like Niger and India. It looks like we're still headed for nine billion people by 2050. Paul Gleason digs into the the complex world of organic wines, in which some added sulfites can prevent vintners from receiving organic certification. Some are happy with that standard; others claim it ignores the realities of modern wine making, and gives preferential treatment to lesser-quality vintages. Other departments in this issues consider why Dominicans are living much longer than the rest of us, whether genetically modified foods can cause allergies, and what a school in the Bronx has learned about green roofs. Pick up a copy at your favorite bookseller or newsstand, or consider a print or electronic subscription. ::E/The Environmental Magazine