Bioneers: Rendevous On The Wild Green Frontier

When the New York Times devotes top reporting talent to the leading edge green thinkers and practioners you know a tipping point approaches. From the Times story on the just-held Annual Bioneers Conference At This Gathering, the Only Alternative Is to Be Alternative, we offer a single excerpt: "Students, organic farmers, architects, advocates for Pacific dolphins and a growing number of entrepreneurs looking to invest in green technology come to hear the latest thinking on global warming (code word: Katrina) and how to keep the food supply safe (buzzword: spinach). Alternative energy, Bioremediation and environmental justice, once-fringy issues, have over the course of the conference’s 17-year history become part of the national dialogue". Wishing we had been there, which could have been done by satellite, per the photo. And we wonder, too, whether Bioneers read TreeHugger?