Bioneers 2008: David Orr, Greg Watson and Paul Stamets

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Bioneers offered many outstanding speeches by leaders in all areas of the green movement. Covering politics, inventions, renewable energy, biomimicry, women's rights, indigenous peoples' rights, social activism, and many other areas, the talks provided conference goers inspiration and motivation.

Gathered here are just a few of the favorites.

David Orr on Presidential Climate Action Project

David Orr Bioneers Photo

Photo of David Orr via Bioneers
David Orr outlined much of the goals and actions of the Presidential Climate Action Plan
Action options in the PCAP will include changes in Federal programs, policies, budgets, statutes and regulations, subsidies and incentives, agency authorities and personnel. The PCAP also will include actions to improve the energy efficiency and GHG emissions profile of the Federal government itself -- the nation's largest energy consumer and due to its size, a potential market-shaper for low-carbon products and services.

A major bipartisan effort to reverse the effects of global warming is the Presidential Climate Action Project. David Orr points out that if we get this right, many other problems we face will be solved, from national security to health.

We have to go from 22 tons per person per year of CO2 emissions, down to 2 ton. That will take some major action on the part of people and the government.

Some Highlights from the plan announced in his speech:
No less than 80% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2050
Quit mining coal entirely
Quit nuclear power
Federally financed elections
Enforce fair and balanced standards to FCC guidelines
End revolving door between government and business
Tax on advertising in proportion to the carbon implications of the product being sold
Confiscate all profits on weapons manufacturing
Ecological literacy as a requirement for graduation from our schools and universities

Greg Watson on Renewable Energy Revolution

Greg Watson Bioneers Photo
Photo of Greg Watson via Bioneers

Greg Watson is the senior advisor for CLean Energy Technology within the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. But, as he said in his speech, at heart he is a community organizer. He combines his ability to get things rolling within a community and his passion for sustainable technologies in order to figure out the best routes towards switching to renewable energy on a large scale.

Interestingly, he noted that the switch is entirely dependent upon transportation. Once transportation and our cars rely on renewable energy, then the rest is piece of cake. Combining wind energy, for example, with plug-in hybrid cars and a smart grid and, he says, we will have a transformation of our transportation system.

It really does in fact make sense. That is how we're going to cut our dependency on foreign oil. The Achilles heel of renewables, particularly of wind and solar for the most part, is that it does not address the issue of transportation. Well now it can, and if we really think of this...and the potential for hybrid vehicles...we realize we do have more options than we think.

One of the major issues standing in the way is NIMBY mentality. Getting projects approved in places where they're needed, regardless of the income level of the people living there, is vital. To do this, the support of political leaders is necessary.

Paul Stamets on the Miracle of Fungi

Photo of Paul Stamets via Bioneers. Credit: © Jennifer Esperanza Paul Stamets outlined the many ways in which fungi keep the planet functioning. He also outlined seven world-changing inventions based on fungi, from highly effective TB and infection cures, natural pesticides, and habitat restoration. This video is much the same speech, so watch this and capture all cool work he is doing.

More on speakers at Bioneers 2008 to come.

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