Biomimetic Invention Used to Treat Water in Australia

A unique biomimetic system being used to treat waste water was nominated by the Australia Government for a Global Eco-Tech Award.

The inventor, Dean Cameron, says "I observed how river ecologies work and nature gave me the answer to waste treatment...In nature, the waste is not broken down in the water, as emulated by many treatment systems, but rather very efficiently by soil organisms on the river's edge. So we copied what happens on the river edge in our highly structured humus system."

Most waste treatment systems work by continually pumping air into water containing the waste. This guzzles energy, is prone to smell, and can often break down.

Cameron's invention is part of a commercial product offered by Biolytix, which uses worms and other selected organisms to convert both sewage and food waste into clean water. More information can be found at the at the Biolytix web site.