Biofuels Threatening German Gummy Bear Habitat


Tortillas in Mexico. Beer. Popcorn. Now Gummy bears are under threat as the price of glucose rose 30%. Der Spiegel warns that if crops continue to be more lucrative as biofuels than foodstuffs, then gummy bears could soon become a candy only the rich can afford.

"We're going to maintain current prices through the end of the year," Marco Alfter, a spokesman for Bonn-based gummy bear-maker Haribo, told SPIEGEL. But afterwards, the golden bears could get more expensive. "The decisive factor will be if the government continues to subsidize the burning of food," said Alfter, in reference to government subsidies given to farmers who produce biofuels using crops traditionally used for food.::Der Spiegel via Katie at ::Earth2Tech

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