Biodegradable Coffee Cups for the Navy and Army

Green military technology always leaves us in a social-consciousness dilemma, but a biodegradable cup isn’t exactly a killing machine. The U.S. Navy wanted a cup that could be tossed off the side of a ship without damaging the marine environment—oh, and one that won’t burn sailors’ hands, while you’re at it. Clovernook Center for the Blind (which employs visually impaired people to manufacture various paper products) joined up with International Paper and came up with a cup that delivered. The Army quickly jumped in line for the next batch, which they wanted in brown so the cups would be invisible to spy satellites while decomposing. We’d love to tell you what makes the paper cup’s coating do its thing, but the scientists (or rather, the marketing guys) are keeping their lips sealed. But we will say that we kinda think the little fish icon has a graphic appeal all its own. Via The Cincinnati Enquirer ::Clovernook ::International Paper [by KK]