Biodegradable Biota Bottles Available in South Florida's Publix

We've mentioned Colorado's Biota Bottled Spring water here and here. Today the company's corn-based biodegradable bottles will become available in the South Florida supermarket chain Publix. As local affiliate NBC 6 reported:

Dr. Renata Schneider, of the Wildlife Care Center, said she is excited about the new bottle because she sees animals every day that are sick because they have either eaten or been trapped by litter.

"A lot of these animals just don't make it into us. They end up dying before we ever get a chance to try to save them," said Schneider. "When Publix decides to go with a more environmentally friendly line of product, other people will follow suit to be competitive."

That's a story that makes turning on the local news worth it. :: NBC6 and Biota via tipster Diana

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