Bill Nye Explains Irene's Link to Climate Change, Battles Fox News (Video)

You've got to give Bill Nye an enormous amount of credit: He endures the brain-dead climate skepticism of Fox News anchors with level-headed aplomb. And while I'm still hard-up to explain Fox's game in continuing to invite him on -- my best guess is they're trying to make the vanguard of climate science appear eccentric and goofy -- he never fails to offer rational, sound byte-worthy rebuttals to Fox's indefatigable skepticism. Here, he discusses the link between climate change and storms like Irene.

He also deftly avoids Fox's baiting on Al Gore's wholly uncontroversial comments comparing the public acceptability of racist comments and climate change denial. I delved into conservatives' predictable outrage at Gore's assertions yesterday -- though Nye's off-the-cuff response hadn't occurred to me at all, I admit.

Bill Nye is truly a talented science communicator -- the kind of spokesman figure that we could use a whole lot more of. Way to go, Bill.

Via Media Matters
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