Bill McKibben Links Climate Change to Corruption in Stirring Occupy Wall Street Speech (Video)

The climate activism community is now firmly in the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) fight. joined in the tens of thousands on the streets of New York last week; and now environmental activist Bill McKibben has starkly laid out the links between climate change, the corporations blocking climate action, and the rank effect of the oil industry corrupting the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline approval process.

Saturday afternoon in Manhattan's Washington Square Park, McKibben addressed the crowd, gathered earlier in the afternoon for a special session of the Occupy Wall Street general assembly.As for President Obama himself, McKibben speculates that the person in office must be a stunt double, based on how many campaigns promised on the environment, energy, and climate have been unfulfilled.

In the video above, the pipeline referred to at the beginning of the clip is Keystone XL.

Regarding the call-and-response, for those not up on OWS, the police have prohibited all methods of electronically amplifying sound. The protestors have developed what they call the "human microphone", where the crowd repeats the words of the speaker so that all in attendance can hear what's being said.

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