Bill Clinton Suggests "EVs for Clunkers" at National Clean Energy Summit


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What do You Think? Good Idea? Bad Idea?
Yesterday at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Bill Clinton suggested that the Cash for Clunkers program could serve as model to speed up the adoption of electric cars. A kind of "EVs for Clunkers", if you will. Clinton didn't give too many details on how he would imagine such a program working, but he did mention that he thought the current Cash for Clunkers had set the bar for "fuel efficient vehicle" too low.
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Image: National Clean Energy Summit

I'm curious to know what TreeHugger readers think about the idea. Do you think it would be a useful tool to kickstart the EV industry and get it faster to a point where economies of scale will reduce costs, or would it be just one more giveaway of taxpayer money to auto makers?

Critics of the current Cash for Clunkers say that it mostly helps people who would have bought a new car anyway, and that many people are only moving forward their decision to buy (so it's not creating as much new demand as the numbers might lead people to think). It seems like this would be less of a problem with EVs for Clunkers, since the difference in price between a regular vehicle and an electric car is bigger; this would probably mean that most of the people who benefit wouldn't otherwise have bought an electric car (at least not for a while).

So what do you think? Yay or nay?

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