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I just bought a bike a few weeks ago, so May being Bike to Work Month and this week being Bike to Work Week are exciting for a newbie like me.

Although the hills in San Francisco are a bit cumbersome, I try to bike whenever I can. Many of my colleagues at the Sierra Club do, too. Rachel Butler, the National Conservation Organizer for our Green Transportation Campaign, bikes to work every day and loves it."Bike commuting is good for my health, my wallet, and the planet. I don't need a gym membership, because I spend 60-80 minutes each day getting a great workout. When I show up at work, I'm alert and ready to go, and I look forward to my ride home in the evening because it helps relieve stress."

Biking is more than just exercise and fun, though; For Rachel, me, and many others, it's us doing our part to decrease pollution and lessen our dependence on oil. Here are some Bike to Work Week facts that will have you jumping on your bike right away:

Forty percent of trips are made within two miles of home. If every American traded one 4-mile round trip car ride with a bike ride during Bike to Work Week, we would save 40 million gallons of gas.

If Americans did this once a week for the whole year, we'd save more than two billion gallons. At $4/gallon, that's $8.33 billion a year.

Bike to Work Week is a great way to get people talking about transportation choices, and taking the pledge is a great way to get the conversation started. Biking is one of the many ways that all Americans can cut air pollution, save money by filling up less at the gas pump, stay healthier and help our country move beyond oil.

So why not get started this week? Take the pledge to ride your bike during Bike to Work Week - whether for a day, a week, the whole month, or beyond.

But to get even more serious about moving beyond oil, let's also work together to encourage transportation choices like more bike-friendly communities, expanded public transit and cleaner, more efficient cars and trucks.

Together we can end our addiction to oil.

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