Bike-Sharing Program at DNC Helps Convention Goers Get Around Carbon-Free

Guest blogger Jesse McDougall delivers the eco-scoop, straight from the Democratic National Convention in Denver.
The Democratic National Convention Goes Green
One of the very best aspects of the frenzy going on in Denver this week during the Democratic National Convention is the focus on green living. There are a good number of organizations out here promoting their "green" image. Coca-Cola has recycling trucks at strategic points around the hullabaloo. Pepsi is pushing a new "zero calorie, earth friendly" fizzy drink called Tava. And even the convention itself has placed volunteers around Denver helping people sort their waste into boxes labeled Landfill, Recycling, and, surprisingly, Compost.

Forgive me for my cynical eye, but when I see large corporations touting new green products, I am suspicious of greenwashing. Therefore, when I see an ACTUALLY green company promoting an ACTUALLY green service, I get excited... Humana Provides Free, Carbon-Free Transportation
Across Denver, Humana has placed roughly a dozen solar-powered bicycle distribution and collection tents. They are lending these bicycles out to convention goers for unlimited use from 7am to 7 pm at no charge. Staffed by happy and optimistic young people, these tents are set up like a simple production line. A person walks in and registers for a bike, then they are fitted for a helmet, fitted for a bike, and sent on their way with a map and safety package. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes.

The bikes can be taken from, and returned to, any Humana tent in the city--thereby providing a carbon-free form of transportation from the Colorado Convention Center, to the Pepsi Center area, to The Big Tent on Wynkoop Street, up and down the 16th Street Mall, and everywhere else.

Drivers have been courteous to the bikes that fly past them while they're stuck in traffic. The throngs of smiling people riding comfortable bicycles around the city give the impression that Denver is committed--at least this week--to being green.

Click on the video above for an interview with Nate, one of the happy staffers promoting green transportation.

Jesse McDougall is guest blogging from the Democratic National Convention in Denver. He is the web editor of Chelsea Green publishing.

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