Biggest Dogfighting Raids in US History Save 350 Dogs

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In a series of simultaneous raids, a staggering 350 dogs were seized from dogfighting rings in 5 states around the country. Some 30 people have been arrested so far for a range of heinous violations--it all amounts to the biggest dogfighting raid in US history. Even with high profile celebrities like Michael Vick getting arrested for his involvement in the disgusting 'sport', it's still hard to believe dogfighting continues in the United States. And while it's great news that these rings have been brought down, the interstate scale of the operations is disconcerting--it means a multitude of dogfighting rings are most likely still in operation around the nation.

But these cases are especially egregious--even for dogfighting. According to the AP:

U.S. attorneys in four of the states announced related indictments accusing 26 people of cruelties ranging from denying animals medical treatment to shooting dogs in the head when they didn't fight well, then throwing their carcasses into a river or burning them in a barrel.
It's flat out barbaric--there's no excuse for that kind of revoltingly cruel behavior. I mean, who shoots a dog in the head and burns it in a barrel, and feels alright about it--goes home, gets a good night's sleep?

Some more details on the operation:

Task forces of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies conducted the raids and made arrests in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Texas and Oklahoma following a more than year-long investigation prompted by information gathered by the Humane Society of Missouri. It wasn't clear whether or to what extent the operations were related.
And as for the dogs? They're apparently getting care from the Humane Society:
The Humane Society of Missouri is sheltering more than 300 dogs _ believed to be mostly pit bull terriers _ seized in Missouri and Illinois raids and their conditions are being assessed. The dogs will be housed, cared for and evaluated at an undisclosed emergency shelter in St. Louis.
Let's hope the dogs recover, and that the scale and magnitude of this raid starts to discourage those who'd participate in the disgusting practice.

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