Big Tree Climate Fund Joins the Carbon Offset Market

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From the creators of Dagoba Chocolate, comes Big Tree Climate Fund, a carbon offset company that also gives a percentage of profits to local communities to promote environmental education, reinforcing their business. Carbon offsets are created through both programs preventing deforestation and also reforestation projects in Brazil and Indonesia. Big Tree refers to their programs as "Fair Carbon" projects because they support the communities, while offsetting emissions. Each Fair Carbon project recognizes fair economics, social justice and environmental stewardship. The money that is sent in to purchase offsets is used to get green projects off the ground and Big Tree calls this method "Green Futures." If the project ends up offsetting less than expected, then they put funding into other high-yield projects so in the end each project does offset what you paid for.

Big Tree offers a portfolio of carbon offset options, including footprint calculators, tree planting programs and carbon offset programs for both individuals and companies. To join tree planting program, you just enter the number of trees you want planted (at USD$2 a pop) and that's it - though it really just means you are planting trees because that sounds good, not so much because you know what activity one tree will offset that you need to take care of. If you are a regular offsetter, and have a fairly set weekly routine, then the offset of the month club just might be for you. You simply choose which category you fall into, and hit send and your monthly emissions are taken care of.

As mentioned above, 10% of profits are given to the local communities in which Big Tree works as a way to provide environmental education. If you think about it, this actually helps the Big Tree mission by working with communities to keep the forests standing. Big Tree Climate Fund is also the first carbon offset company that is a B Corporation. Companies with this designation must also consider the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) in their decisions.:Big Tree Climate Fund
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