Big Oil Spent $70 Million on Anti-Clean Energy Ads this Year

This is only one such anti-clean energy TV ad that Big Oil paid for this year. It's also full of misinformation and outright falsehoods.
Oil companies outspent the clean energy industry 10 to 1
Sensing that the anti-regulatory attitude championed by the Tea Party had caught on in the media as an ongoing narrative, many oil companies saw their chance to defeat supporters of clean energy and climate action. So they did what any industry seeking to protect its interests in Washington would do: They reached into their deep pockets, pledged ample support to sympathetic politicians, ran attack ads on TV, and lobbied away. This time, oil companies spent a total of $69.5 million on TV ads that specifically attack clean energy and the Obama administration's environmental policies -- beating out the fledgling renewable energy industry that ran pro-clean energy ads by a margin of 10 dollars to 1. Here's the Guardian with the report:

The next Congress is expected to throw up a whole new set of roadblocks to Barack Obama's environmental agenda - from time-consuming investigations to budget cuts. So how much was the fossil fuel industries willing to pay to help cast out White House allies on energy and climate change?

A lot, it turns out. Oil and coal lobby groups have spent $69.5 million on television ads specifically targetted against Obama clean energy policies in these mid-term elections

Out of that $70 million, at least $10 million went to TV ads bolstering Prop 23, which would overturn California's 2006 clean energy law.

The American Petroleum Institute, the industry group representing oil companies, spent a total of $40 million funding ads that attack clean energy policy around the country. Oil companies also channeled over $1 million to each of a number of other advocacy groups, like the Tea Party's Americans for Prosperity, the National Association of Manufacturers, the Club for Growth Action, and many others.

Clean energy groups, on the other hand, were only able to muster about a tenth of that, though thanks to the advocacy of California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, some $30 million was raised to counterattack Texas oil's Prop 23 campaigns.

But that's the only good news on the clean energy front in the entire nation, really -- and as we all watch for the results of today's election, keep an eye on how many supporters of clean energy lose out. It's cliche but true -- money talks in Washington, and when a clean energy supporter wins this election cycle, they'll be the exception, not the rule.

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