Big Oil Launches Campaign to Protect Gov Subsidies, Uses Stock Photos AGAIN


Guess who'll pay for the new energy tax? the ad reads, in lettering right above four portraits of hardworking Americans. Perhaps it's Getty Images, the stock photo company from which all four photos of supposedly 'real' Americans were taken? Or perhaps its actors and models, who posed for the photos? Okay, I give up, tell me, tell me!

The only entity that will be paying--or should I say no longer getting paid out--is the oil industry. See, this ad is in response to Obama's attempt to remove 36 billions of dollars in government subsidies from the oil companies--which are literally some of the richest companies in the world. But that's of course not stopping the oil companies from attempting to misinform the American public, by using scare tactics to convince them that they'll be subject to some sort of energy tax if clean energy reform legislation passes. This ad has been appearing in newspapers like Politico, with the following message:

Congress will likely consider new taxes on America's oil and natural gas industry. These new energy taxes will produce wide-reaching effects, and ripple through our economy when America -- and Americans -- can least afford it.

These unprecedented taxes will serve to reduce investment in new energy supplies at a time when most Americans support developing our domestic oil and natural gas resources. That means less energy, thousands of American jobs being lost and further erosion of our energy security.

Our economy is in crisis, and we need to get the nation on the road to economic recovery. This is no time to burden Americans with new energy costs.

This is pretty shameless stuff--in reality, this is no time to burden Americans with having to continually help lend financial support companies like Exxon. A company, which by the way spent more money on lobbying efforts to prevent clean energy reform than the entire renewable energy industry spent lobbying for it, combined. Just sayin'.

Now, I realize it's par for the course for big oil to attempt to sleaze its way into preserving the status quo. But you'd think they'd be able to do so less clumsily than this--especially after they'd been caught red-handed doing it before!. Last summer, when the coal companies were rolling out their campaign to thwart clean energy reform, one anti-clean energy group received an unwelcome share of the spotlight when it was revealed it had used stock photos from an online image service while claiming to depict real people--and now, fast forward 6 months later, and an oil company has done the exact same thing again!

Take a look at the pics of the so-called real Americans in the ad, and their corresponding Getty Image titles:



Via Brad Johnson at the Wonk Room
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