Big Oil Executives Spread Their Presidential Bets




No wildcatters, these guys. Historically, if there ever was a good indicator of who was likely to win, it was campaign contributions from Big Oil. That may no longer be a good indicator.

Exxon-Mobile, for one, seems to be calling the 2008 race a pretty tight one between Clinton & Obama, which runs different than the spread indicated by the sum of all oil industry contributors (which would indicate a tight race between Clinton & McCain). The respective sums of Exxon executives individual 2008 donations for the top three presidential candidates is as follows: Update: an astute reader caught a mistake in transferring numbers to the original post, published an hour ago - the sums below, and narrative above, are corrected.

Clinton - $$14,700, McCain - $7,350, Obama - $15,150

Via::Oil Change, "..tracking petroleum industry campaign contributions"