Big Oil and Coal Climate Disinformation Campaign 101 (Video)

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Image via Greenpeace

Pulitzer Prize winning Ross Gelbspan has been one of the leading lights in exposing the climate change disinformation campaigns waged for decades by coal and oil companies. His message is of the utmost importance, and comes at a time when the public could use a reminder that this is an urgent issue that some of the biggest industries in the world urgently want to go away. After the droopy proceedings at Copenhagen, this information could be part of the wake up call we need. Video after the jump. Yes, it's a bit on the long side--but it's chock full of mandatory information (some of which you'll likely be aware of). At the very least, watch the first half, through the coal/oil campaign effort segment. This is where Gelbspan has done most of his pioneering work. Via Climate Progress:

The video is a work in progress, so if you have suggestions, leave them in the comments below, or, even better, at Climate Progress where the video was originally posted. Find more info on Gelbspan's crucial work at his website, the Heat is Online.

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