Big News: France to Spend $2.2 Billion on Electric Car Charging Stations

Build It And They Will Come
Electric cars and charging stations go together, but there's a kind of chicken & egg problem; who's going to build charging stations along highways and public roads if there are no electric cars, and who's going to buy a electric car if there are no charging stations? The French government seems to have decided that the way to crack this dilemma is to build a network of charging stations using taxpayer money as part of a broader initiative to encourage the development of clean vehicle technology and battery manufacturing in the country.
Charging Sockets to Become Obligatory in Office Parking Lots
€1.5 billion (about $2.2 billion) will be spent by France on the network of EV charging stations, but also "the government will make the installation of charging sockets obligatory in office parking lots by 2015, and new apartment blocks with parking lots will have to include charging stations starting in 2012."

Via Wall Street Journal
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