Big Green Ideas for the New Year

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In celebration of the ingenuity of the Green movement, the Observer magazine has chosen to highlight 20 of the best ethical ideas around right now. They say that "We need big ideas – and it is at times like these, when there is widespread disruption, that we see innovation and new thinking."

They have divided the ideas into categories. Some of the ideas are big and likely to rescue the planet. These include concepts like biochar--a way of trapping carbon with "green coal." Radical Eco Activism is another--green direct action to make people and governments take notice. The world community grid, using our spare computer capacity for the common good, is an important initiative.

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Some of the ideas are important for a particular community. Reinstating public water fountains and drinking tap instead of bottled water is a good one. There used to be drinking fountains all over the place and now there are few. Creating zero-waste fashion is another--if fashion was cut more carefully from fabric, there could be 15% savings of material. Slow fashion--that means less dry cleaning, cross-seasonal jackets and mending older clothes instead of getting rid of them.


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Buy a mutt, from the homeless puppy pound, not a pure bred and save a dog. Hypermiling is another--driving economically by slowing down and no idling. Backyard sufficiency--making the most of the growing possibilities in your gardens is another idea. Precycling--using less packaging and taking your lunch box to work is an idea that is becoming more popular.

There's lots more food for thought so check it out. The Observer
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