Big Coal Turning Kids Into Pushers This Primary Season


With hotly-contested Primaries in full swing it may be no surprise to learn that some special interests are willing to stoop to the lowest level imaginable if they believe it will help make their message memorable. But Big Coal has certainly taken things a step too far It turns out they've been running ads in South Carolina featuring children (some under 10) who push coal on the public like some push a different product line on street-corners in bad parts of town. In fact, it's not so different at all from the classic tactics of your neighborhood pusher, putting kids out there to move the product and leaving them to hold the bag when the bill comes due.

Of course, in this case the bill to society isn't payable through the law, but via the realities of a warming future And the kids in the pictures will be the ones to pay it.

As you might expect they're not leaving anything to chance either, creating a team of crack PR troops to surf the web and counter anyone who dares to challenge their message that "Coal is Cool". Of course, it's not cool Especially not when so-called clean coal technologies are decades away at best, and retrieving the stuff from the ground creates an environmental nightmare like no other.

Not surprisingly, Americans for Balanced Energy Choices (ABEC), the charming little "grass-roots" organization funded by the coal mining industry who is running this ad campaign points only to the electricity generating side of clean coal technologies while overlooking the pollution created to mine and transport the stuff To quote Leah Arnold, their communications director, "We don't get into the mining issue. Our focus is all about the electricity side of coal, so we don't deal with production or transportation."

How incredibly convenient it is to ignore the inconvenient truth...

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via:: The Charleston City Paper

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