Big Business Can Save The Future, If Their Political Umpires Don't Miss The Call - Again

missed base call photo

Missed base call. Image credit:New York Magazine
The lifestyle backdrop
Do we agree that incremental lifestyle changes can not surmount the political obstacles posed by well-funded Think Tanks and lobbyists, by an irrational obsession with libertarian ideas, and by a broadcast media focused on creating false controversies to boost ratings? If so, read on.

Big Problems require Big Solutions.
Fortune-listed companies can change US political culture in a matter of months. All it would take is enough of them reminding their political minions of who's paying the bills, and to make sure that culture warriors stay on the back bench where they were prior to 1981.The way forward is pretty much the same for both Democrats and Republicans. Execs have only to make sure the following things happen.

  • Bang heads together, starting with PR departments, trade organizations, and PAC committees. Make clear that the company supports comprehensive climate and energy policy reform and that everyone must feel some pain to make progress. And stop attacking EPA.

  • Let business-friendly Federal and state elected officials know that candidates participating in culture wars, dragging social issues into the mix, will lose support immediately. And hold them to it.

  • Demand that environmental, health, & safety (EHS) laws and regulations be uniformly and fairly exercised so the playing field is level for business. That includes NAFTA and other international trade agreement rules. Can't have it both ways.

The BP gusher is a wedge issue.
Consider the glove thrown. Executives are either fighters who can lead us to a future in which all of us may profit, Big Business to self employed fishermen, or they are shortsighted, and powerless in their own realm. Let's see which among them have the courage and insight they get paid for.