Bicycle Named Best Invention in UK National Survey


This is a bit old, but we thought it was noteworthy: In a BBC radio poll about "the most significant innovations since 1800", our dear friend the bicycle absolutely crushed the competition with 56% of the vote. Second and third positions are held by the transistor and electro-magnetic induction ring, each with 8%, and fourth is the computer with 6%. The survey also asked which invention participants would most like to "disinvent" and genetically-modified foods came first with 26% while nuclear power was second with 19%. "The technology most would like to see invented was an Aids vaccine. Half voted water treatment and supply systems as the technology to bring most benefit to society. Another 23% thought that vaccinations deserved the honour." The BBC listeners sound like a pretty treehugging bunch! I suppose that if the media in the US was similarly serious about covering science and nature, things would be different there.

::Bicycle chosen as best invention (thanks to Dennis Law for the tip!)