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Here at Treehugger, we sometimes forget the simple approach to change. We file away stories about corporations and governments and the UN doing this and that. But often, the local impact is what matters the most. How about the bicycle library, a truly small scale project, initiated by Mr Doi. And his bike. And a few books. It doesn't get more personal, as he travels around this country.

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Mr Doi dresses in a traditional garb that would not have been unusual among the masses here some 150 years ago. Simple cotton, dyed in indigo. Still, a very trendy way to dress at Japan's many hot springs and rural resorts. This makes it easy to talk about the books in his bicycle library. Especially his "foolish book". Mr Doi wants to make a point:

"My foolish book is about the past 100 years", says Mr Doi. Foolish? People did indeed know how to survive and make a living back then. Futile efforts? "I hope people will borrow these books that I bring, and give it to their friends, and make them think about stuff."

"I thought about the past 100 years!"

He says, our past 100 years have been rather foolish. But, after all, there is a lot to learn from that.

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